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Thoughtful Writer!

...inspired actor...

a Shrewd, Diligent Editor






...he is courageous, un-inhibited and ready to play... 


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Writers craft stories. Poets paint stories. Actors tell stories. Project Managers execute stories. Denardo Hepburn creates stories. 

Denardo Hepburn is a prolific storyteller who enjoys crafting a story through writing, acting, and poetry, all executed with the ideals of project management.


Denardo, an International Relations graduate of The University of Western Ontario (UWO), realized his love of writing and fondness for investigation during his research-intensive courses. He honed his storytelling skills in numerous professional and volunteer capacities such as Caribbean Regional Expert, Association of International Relations Journal – UWO; Presidential Assistant, The Commonwealth Writers of The Bahamas; Client Research Assistant, Info-Tech Research Group; Editor-in-Chief, Online Communication – The Bahamas Educates; Freelance Writer,; and Foreign Service Officer, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.


The religious satirical play Imago Dei, written by Rupert Missick, introduced Denardo to acting at the supple age of 7. Burdened with the love of performance, he acted throughout high school, joined UWO’s Summer Shakespeare Company and performed in Antony & Cleopatra and A Winter’s Tale as Philo and King Polixenes respectfully.


Upon returning home to The Bahamas in 2016, Denardo stage managed the theatrical play Til' Death Do Us Part produced by Real Laughs Network (RLN) and directed a later installment  to help those affected by Hurricane Matthew in concert with the Dundas Centre for Performing Arts.


In 2018, Denardo became a Certified International Project Manager with the American Academy of Project Management. He knows that project management will aide in logically constructing narratives throughout the business of creativity.






Apr. 2018 - Nov. 2018


As a centre of government solution, the Prime Minister's Delivery Unit provides cross-governmental functions: planning, coordination, monitoring, and implementation management of the Government's 8 Key Priorities - Land Reform, Over-The-Hill, Energy, Infrastructure, Public Service Modernization, Safety & Security, Education, and Ease of Doing Business

Priority Manager 

  • Served as the Unit's initial Priority Manager assuming duties of the Over-The-Hill and Land Reform Key Priorities -overseeing the planning, problem mitigation, execution, and target achievement of both Key Priorities- within one month of recruitment

  • Spearheaded and edited a 50-page joint report for the Prime Minister, Senior Policy Advisor, and select Permanent Secretaries from the 26 Bahamian participants of the 2018 Seminar on Strategic Planning and Project Management for Bahamian Government Officials convened in the People's Republic of China. The report presents brief synopses of lectures and enterprise visits, discusses their importance to The Bahamas, and provides macro and micro recommendations for public and private sector reform 

  • Maintained operational stakeholder relationships with all 8 agencies contributing to Land Reform targets and 12 Over-The-Hill implementing agencies

Administrative Cadet 

  • Developed macro analyses for the Prime Minister and the Chief Operating Officer, PMDU for the United Nations High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development, which helped the same understand The Bahamas' progress and national contributions, up to Oct. 2018, toward the 2030 SD Goals

  • Wrote draft speeches for the Prime Minister and Land Reform Parliamentary Secretary, specifically for The Official Launch of the Serviced Lots Initiative at the Sunset Close Subdivision Extension

  • Helped execute the PMDU’s successful launch attended by 75 Senior Government Officials including the Prime Minister; the Cabinet; and the Honourable Chrystia Freeland, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada

Apr. 2017 - Apr. 2018


Foreign Service Officer

  • Was recruited to join the Prime Minister's Delivery Unit -the Caribbean's first Delivery Unit- staffed with top tier personnel

  • Handled 7 matters with legal precedent daily including child abduction cases, Bahamians incarcerated abroad, Bahamians in distress, and diplomatic flight clearances

  • Served on the Inter-Ministry Trafficking in Person’s (TIP) Committee, for the Head of the Legal Affairs Division, which maintained The Bahamas’ TIER One status. Widespread public awareness helped the TIP Committee obtain The Bahamas' ranking via a nationwide campaign. Therefore, I fashioned and delivered presentations to approximately 450 middle and secondary school students at 5 schools about the warning signs, implications, and pertinence of TIP

Jan. 2012 - Dec. 2015


Editor-in-Chief, Online Communication

  • Copy-edited all company literature for TBE’s products, value proposition, and paraphernalia for online and print use in newsletters, company correspondence, and so forth

  • Launched and managed a successful Facebook account and website increasing online business

  • Wrote, proofread, and revised digital copy for weekly blog posts; highest rated blog obtained 20,000 views

Feb. 2013 - Mar. 2014


Client Research Assistant

  • Was nominated twice for Info-Tech’s Employee Recognition Award for acting with professionalism, expediency, and resilience under pressure


  • Drafted 6 daily research responses on IT and HR functional areas using Info-Tech research alongside expertise from Research Executive Advisory, Analysts, and Subject Matter Experts


  • Consulted with clients after sale to resolve problems and provide ongoing support – tracking and monitoring all inbound and outbound email engagements and general inquires



Height: 6"2          Eye Color: Dark Brown         Hair Color: Black


                         Television                       2022              The End of S*x                                   Art Gallery Patron      EOS Films

                                                                 2020              "Dismissed" (Scene)                         Lead                            TAAFT Productions

                                                                 2015              Cheerleader Death Squad               Teacher                        CN Pilot Production 

                         Film                                2020              "Last King of Scotland" (Scene)       Idi Amin (Lead)           TAAFT Productions 

                                                                2020              "Bullets Over Broadway" (Scene)     Lead

                                                                2014              Theories                                              Detective                    5 Minute Films 

                                                                2014              Daughter of The King                        Guard                          M & S Marshall Productions

                     Theatre                          2014             Within & Without The Flood              Essouma                     Caity Quinn 

                                                                2014              You Can't Take It With You                 Donald                        London Community Players

                                                                2013              All Aboard                                           Johnny Marshall         Jason Rip 

                                                                2012              The Winter's Tale                                Polixenes                    Jo Devereux

                                                                2012              The Gift of The Magi                          James                         Out of Sight Productions 

                                                                2011              Antony & Cleopatra                           Gallus/Philo                Jo Devereux

                                                                2011              The Final Road Trip                            Dan/Gerald                Out of Sight Productions


                                                   Film Acting Diploma Program                                         Toronto Academy of Acting For Film & TV (TAAFT)

                                                                Film and TV Auditions          Russell Ferrier                    TAAFT Productions                                                                                                                           Working with Your Voice       Elley Ray Hennessy            TAAFT Productions

                                                                Screen Acting: Your Reel      Andrej Acin                        TAAFT Productions

                                                                Dramatic Genres                   Jo Devereux                       The University of Western Ontario

                                                                Intro. to Acting                      Dr. Mary Neill                     The University of Western Ontario

                                                                Intro. to Film                          Mark Humes                       The University of The Bahamas

                                                                How to Audition                    Anthony Pichette               Canadian Model & Talent Convention

                                                                Jump Start Career                 Shaun Royer                       Canadian Model & Talent Convention

                                                                Hollywood Bound                 Ray Miller                           Canadian Model & Talent Convention

                                                                Calling All Actors                  Marion Falk                        Canadian Model & Talent Convention

                                                                Nail The Audition                  Todd Etelson                     Canadian Model & Talent Convention

                                                                So You Model                        Celia Sears                         Canadian Model & Talent Convention

                                                                Modelling 101                       Jorge Urena                       Canadian Model & Talent Convention

                                                                Modelling in NYC                 Lisa Frosberg                     Canadian Model & Talent Convention

                                                                Photo Movement                  Jason Brown                      Anita Norris Models


                    Basic Knowledge of Spanish & French 

                         Photography; Write & Perform Spoken Word Poetry; Characterization

                         West Indian Accent, Jamaican Accent, Bahamian Accent



Storytelling is innate.

Let me help you find your voice.


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